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osbmedia is a Boston based web design and web development firm. Not really a firm, I'm just one guy. I've been doing web sites since the early days of the internet. I have a wide range of technical knowledge. Check out my work and hit me up.

Web Design Print Design Online Marketing

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I hand code creative websites which are very seo friendly. Check out my latest works for web design, print design, and online marketing.



web design and web developmentNeed a website? Or need a website facelift? Or need some consulting? Contact me - I'm here to help.

Print Design

Need to advertise an upcoming event or promotion? I can design your flyers, posters, banners, and ads.

Marketing Solutions

Need help on marketing your brand? Together, we can reach a larger demographic and target your audience.

Online Marketing

CPM? CPC? PPC? AdWords? AdSense? Too overwhelming? Need help?! Let's get down to business.


My website is currently under re-design and development. So some links might not work. Be patient and you will see greatness.

Valid Code

Coding your website to web standards is a priority for me. I make sure all the semantics are properly formatted and passes validation.

SEO friendly

I make sure your website is visible to search engines. Organic traffic is great and more importantly, it's free traffic! I'll show you why SEO is key.


I personally make sure your website works in all supported browsers and even IE6. We don't single out people on older computers!

Web Metrics

Number freak?! I love numbers and reporting. I like to know where my traffic is coming from and other statistics. You should too!