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I'm the kind of guy who thrives on challenge and gets bored resting on my considerable laurels. Thus, I chose the blogosphere as the next object of my conquest.


Fix for Wordpress 3.1 Blank Admin page and Appearance Menu issues

By Thanh March 10, 2011 Technology, PHP 0 Comments

So I haven’t been as active with Wordpress as of late. My sister in law decides to have me reactivate her wordpress blog on my server…. Can we say FML? She did a wordpress upgrade to Wordpress 3.1 and then shit hit the fan… Blank Admin Page, uploading themes not working, certain pages comes up blank like the Appearance > Menu, and so on…

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By Thanh February 16, 2011 Technology, nginx, PHP 0 Comments

OMFG, I spent hours debugging this 502 gateway error. My server is very customized in terms of the way I have my LEMP stack set up. Last night, I decided to run an apt-get upgrade on my box since it’s been awhile. I saw that there were many php packages on the list. So, I went through with it. This morning = FAIL. Woke up early to be greated by the infamous 502 Gateway error. Logs were not helpful at all.

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Failed Facebook marketing by Kanye West and Jay-Z

By Thanh January 14, 2011 Marketing, Music 0 Comments

While Facebook maybe a great destination to reconnect with your former high school and college friends, is it a new way to release music? Kanye West and Jay-Z, two of the biggest rappers in the world released their first single, “H.A.M” from a forthcoming collaborative album. The idea to release their first single through Facebook was Kanye and Jay-Z’s decision, according to the executives from the record label, Def Jam.

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The mobile phone providers are scamming us

By Thanh January 14, 2011 Life, Technology 0 Comments

Textual messaging is more popular than voice calling these days. According to my intensely-researched wikipedia sources, the maximum possible text message size is less than a single kilobyte. So why the heck can’t data and text packages be integrated into a single package?

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Are long work days feasible for coders?

By Thanh January 14, 2011 Life, Technology, Work 0 Comments

This issue is beginning to trend quite a bit. The company I last worked for tried to enforce longer work hours as well. Things became stressful, my health was affect (borderline high blood pressure) and eventually, I left after a 3 year tenure. My doctor would tell me “no job is worth putting your health in risk.” I left during an economic downturn, but I didn’t fear not being able to find work. I am highly skilled in my profession and pretty confident in my field of work.

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Adding a trailing slash to your URLs on NGINX

By Thanh January 04, 2011 Technology, nginx 0 Comments

I come across this question a lot from people. It’s a simple solution really and I’ll tell you how. Some may ask what’s the point (it works as is with or without)? Well, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, having duplicate may hurt your rankings. Therefore, it’s good practice to have a permanent (301) redirect for one or the other.

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Massachusetts’ texting while driving law

By Thanh November 01, 2010 Boston, MA, Life 0 Comments

Massachusetts, as of September 30, 2010, joined the growing list of states to ban texting while operating a motor vehicle. While the new Massachusetts cell phone use while driving law provides fines for violations, it will have implications for accidents caused by driving while texting. In case of an injury-causing accident, violation of the statute by texting while operating a vehicle will be evidence of negligence on the part of the vehicle operator. At the trial of a personal injury case, the judge would likely read the texting while driving statute to the jury and instruct the jury that it could consider violation of the statute as evidence of negligence.

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Kanye West’s short film Runaway ...WTF?

By Thanh October 25, 2010 Music 0 Comments

So this weekend, I spent most of it relaxing and I got a chance to catch Kanye West’ short film dubbed “Runaway.” It was uhm… “interesting” to say the least. I felt most of it was just visual eye candy.  Creative? Undeniable. Epic? Far from it.

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wordpress audioplayer fix for https sites

By Thanh October 21, 2010 Projects, Technology, PHP 0 Comments

If you use the wordpress audioplayer plugin with your HTTPS site, you’ll notice that the thing will never change it’s source attributes to https. Well this was driving me crazy so you know what? I slap chopped that bitch up. Here’s how you fix that shizzy.

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Mercedes Nelson website

By Thanh October 20, 2010 Projects, Technology, PHP 0 Comments

As my week is nearing Friday, I can say that I’m nearly done with Mercedes Nelson’s website. She’s one of my newest clients. She’s on a new VH1 show called Football Wives that’s going to air on Sunday, October, 24, 2010. I think it’s fair to say that I’m about done with working on ...

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