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Fix for Wordpress 3.1 Blank Admin page and Appearance Menu issues

By Thanh March 10, 2011 Technology, PHP 0 Comments

So I haven’t been as active with Wordpress as of late. My sister in law decides to have me reactivate her wordpress blog on my server…. Can we say FML? She did a wordpress upgrade to Wordpress 3.1 and then shit hit the fan… Blank Admin Page, uploading themes not working, certain pages comes up blank like the Appearance > Menu, and so on… At first, I did a cheap hack on the admin index page by changing the require_once path… worked but other things still failed. So… after looking through all my logs and still stumped… Did a bunch of research and it all came back to my arch nemesis…. APC. Damn you…. The culprit was the apc.include_once_override setting in apc.ini. It was set to “On” which broke everything about wordpress. So once I change that setting to apc.include_once_override=“Off” then I restarted php5-fpm and everything is dandy again. I hope this saves somebody some debugging time.

And if some people are wondering what my work around was for the admin index page… It was this:

//require_once(ABSPATH . ‘wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php’); //I commented this because it wasn’t working
require_once(’./includes/dashboard.php’); //This works

BUT, if you turn Off the include_once_override for APC, you don’t need to do the above.


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