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Kanye West’s short film Runaway ...WTF?

By Thanh October 25, 2010 Music 0 Comments

So this weekend, I spent most of it relaxing and I got a chance to catch Kanye West’ short film dubbed “Runaway.” It was uhm… “interesting” to say the least. I felt most of it was just visual eye candy.  Creative? Undeniable. Epic? Far from it. It was a short film that showcased some of his new music in a visual way. I’m not sure if this is his way of marketing his new album or if this is his way of taking music videos to a new level. But I have to say, the man makes great music. But I don’t think making short films is his strong suit. It was just really weird to me. Great use of colors and visuals but man… the acting, the small amount of dialogue that took place, and message was sort of weak. At first, I thought the “phoenix” was an angel. You find out she’s a “phoenix” later on. And there wasn’t much dialogue, but when there was…. it was really bad acting. They should’ve kept it without any dialogue. And the message… made me say WTF?! I guess he’s trying to represent different things with symbolism and stuff but seriously… What the hell was I watching?! And the post show interview…. wow. This guy is seriously on another planet. His explanation of what things symbolized makes me ask what the hell he is smoking…. And this guy is seriously on a high pedestal on some super arrogant asshole shit. I’m not sure how he can state that he is on the same level of spike lee and quentin tarantino. I’m sorry.. but this film was NOT that great. While being the arrogant prick he is, he continued his asshole-ness by telling the producer of the show to turn down music when they did a side by side with a video clip. Not only that, he also told the them guys running the show to pick better twitter questions because he felt that he was replying to the same questions. Wow… this prick is the one who labels people who criticize him as devils but when Kanye criticizes others… it’s OK?! I’m sorry but Kanye is an arrogant asshole and South Park was dead on about this guy. He should stick with music and quit film making.

I also like to add…. Devil in a new dress is an awesome song. They played in the scene where he took his “phoenix” to the long dinner table with everyone wearing white (around 10m 28s).

You can watch this really really weird short film at kanyewest.com aka i.am.an.arrogant.jerk.that.loves.fish.sticks.com

Kanye West - Devil in a new dress


courtesy of kanyewest.com


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