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Mercedes Nelson website

By Thanh October 20, 2010 Projects, Technology, PHP 0 Comments

As my week is nearing Friday, I can say that I’m nearly done with Mercedes Nelson’s website. She’s one of my newest clients. She’s on a new VH1 show called Football Wives that’s going to air on Sunday, October, 24, 2010. I think it’s fair to say that I’m about done with working on her new website. It’s pink, it’s black, it’s white, it’s pretty girly yet has the essence of awesome because this was done by yours truly and hosted on my web server. This is not my first time dealing with blogging platforms. I usually use wordpress as my platform of choice. This time around, this website is possibly one of the most customized wordpress powered sites that I’ve ever done. Her site is currently hosted by me.  I had to edit a few plugins manually because my server runs on the super duper web server known as nginx. Visitors will enjoy the speed. But anywho…. She’s very happy with the outcome and I’m very happy that another project is near completion. Once I get a rough idea on how much traffic her site gets, I can decide if I need to setup load balancing for it as I do run multiple servers. It’s great when you have a developer who also does system engineer… hence… thanh aka osb aka jack of all trades.

It’s coming soon (if not already available) and can be viewed at:

Thanks to Steven ‘Minks’ Burton for the referral. Thanks to Mercedes for being an awesome client (great communicator and kept me up to 2:30AM for about 1.5 weeks). And thanks to my friends who I had as my focus group on giving me opinions on certain aspects of the site.


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