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The mobile phone providers are scamming us

By Thanh January 14, 2011 Life, Technology 0 Comments

Textual messaging is more popular than voice calling these days. According to my intensely-researched wikipedia sources, the maximum possible text message size is less than a single kilobyte. So why the heck can’t data and text packages be integrated into a single package? Why should data users—some that pay upwards of 25 bucks a month for 2 gigabytes of data that they may or may not use—be forced to also buy a text plan, when if they send and receive 3,000 text messages in a month, the total amount of data transmitted is less than 6 megabytes (<0.2% of their 2GB package)??

I know the obvious problem is that roughly 80% of cell phone users don’t have internet accessible smart phones, so they’re ineligible for a legitimate data package. But what I’m saying is why can’t the pricing and data package size be revamped? Why can’t there be a 500kb data package (for non-smart phone users) for 500 messages per month, a 2mb data package for non-smart phoners for 2,000 per month, and then a 200mb or 2gb data package for smart phoners wherein text messaging is included??

Is it that the general public is simply too ignorant to realize/care that they’re being scammed, if only by paying just 10 dollars per month, into sending and receiving mere megabytes every month, while data users pay only 2.5x more and are able to access 2,000 megabytes? And, conversely, why must the heavy data users be required to buy a text package as well, when their current data plan represents more than enough to cover the amount of data that they’ll send via text?

Or is it just that I’m not well enough acquainted with the inner workings of text messaging to realize why it has to cost as much as it does? I’m simply and truly curious about all of this, and, although my post is biased towards a scam, I’m definitely open for fair discussion and new knowledge.

The answer….
Text messages are enormously profitable, that’s why.

“SMS is the closest thing to pure profit.” -CEO of Vodafone


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